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  Do we meet you before the wedding day?


Absolutely! I love meeting one or both of you beforehand so I can get a vibe of what you after and ensure you get the good stuff you want. I get that weddings are time consuming, so if you love my work and just want me to do my thing, that’s no problem - however I always like to chat over coffee or a phone call.

How long do you stay for? 


My package starts at 8 hours but I am all for an all nighter! If you think you might need me for longer, additional hours can be arranged. If the festivities continue over the weekend, I can arrange to film those too. Let me know if you would like a quote.

 Do you offer custom packages? 


Yes. I’m all for personal touch. If you would prefer a customised package or don’t quite know what you are after, let’s chat!

Do you take photos as well as video?


No.  I am drawn to moving image and wedding films. I find that wedding photography doesn’t give me the same joy and fulfilment as it does to rewatch your wedding for hours in my pyjamas and putting all the pieces together over copious amounts of tea and snacks. I can however recommend some wonderful photographers (and celebrants) for your big day. 

How far do you travel?

Far, I love new places.  If you are having a destination wedding – yes please. I have shot in Ghana, Paris, Germany and Barcelona for work so I am accustomed to travelling and shooting overseas. Otherwise, I am pretty lenient about travel as I catch up on podcasts and music on the long drive.  My heart is within Victoria though, particulary Macedon. 


Do you charge for travel?


Depending on the km/h travelled, a small fee may apply.

Do you film the full ceremony and speeches? 


Yes! I have found over the years it’s not necessarily what you may want at the time, but in the future it is something that you need.  if you are certain you do not want these covered I am happy to remove them and provide a custom quote for you.

When do we get our wedding film?


I aim to complete your wedding video within 2-4 months.

How do we book you?


If you would like to book me for your wedding video, please send an email to with all the details including your name, wedding date and wedding location. I will get back to you in 24-48 hours and you can choose your package. If it’s love at first sight, I will require a $1000 deposit and signed contract to secure your date. 


How do we receive our wedding film?


Once your wedding video is complete, I will send your video in two formats:


  1. URL - you can access your video anytime, anywhere via the online link.

  2. USB - to carry on you at all times.


I like to keep the rest a surprise, so you will have to wait and see. It’s pretty cute though…

How much does a wedding video cost?  


Wedding videography packages start at $5400. 

Please contact me at to discuss details and find a package to suit you.

Still wondering? Get in touch! 

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