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My name is Kim, and I’m probably the only person going to be just as obsessed with your wedding

as you are.

Welcome, make yourself comfy and let’s get to know each other.

I got into weddings because they are a GOOD TIME. I love the smoke bomb, champagne-soaked,

confetti-covered, sparkler, eye-catching, joke-cracking kind of day. The wilder, the better; nothing is off

limits. What I love most, though, is you throwing a party YOUR WAY. If you want to get married while scuba

diving in the middle of the ocean – I’m down. If you want to get married in your backyard, with just the two of you

and your dogs – I’m down. I’m here to empower YOU to be your true self and to capture the soul of the day so you can take a breath, relax, and soak up the memories.

I am a very dedicated animal mama, with two cats, seven magpies and a possible dog on the way. There are also some Galah’s I’m working on, but I seem to love them more than they love me.

Also, humble brag, but I did film, edit and direct a film which SBS bought – “Cocoa: Beyond the Bean”… I have a degree in film and digital media and over ten years experience in filming corporate and weddings… No big deal though…

If you love musical theatre or are a little dramatic, look no further! And too late – no takesies backsies.

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